Clarity Protein Skimmer – Removal of Dissolved Particles and Carbon Dioxide

CLARITY Water Treatment Systems AS offers a unique and patented technology to reduce unwanted organic waste from fresh and salt water in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. In addition the downdraft principle and aerification allows for an efficient CO2 degassing. The protein skimmer is available in several sizes, ranging from small applications to sizes suitable for larger land-based recirculation systems. Using Clarity in your hatchery to improve water quality leads to:

  • Improved growth conditions for the fish
  • Increase amount of fodder due to improved water quality
  • Reducing the required size of biofilters by improving efficiency


  • Protein-skimmers and ozonation to Tjeldbergodden Rensefisk

    Clarity has gained a contract of delivery, new build and installation of protein-skimmers, ozonation, piping and construction with Tjeldbergodden Rensefisk. Installation and start-up takes place I Q1, 2016

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    Protein skimmers to Findfresh, Portugal.

    Clarity delivers protein skimmers to Findfresh, Portugal. Delivery takes place in Q1 & Q2 2015.

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